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IT Support & Managed Services

IT Support & Managed Services

Whether you have an immediate emergency that needs fixing right now or you have a long-felt dissatisfaction with your current IT support company either because of service or price.

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Would you like an IT services partner that is more proactive and maps out the road ahead for you and your company’s IT, Technical Drive will fulfil on every front.

Technical Drive also pride themselves on delivering the very best service available and hold ISO 9001 for service delivery and ISO 27001 for data protection. Which means that the quality of our IT services delivery and data management is measured and endorsed by the highest authority. From this you know that the service will be consistently high level and your data security tight.

Emergency IT Support

Having trouble with your network? PC’s and laptops frustratingly slow? Unmotivated and unproductive staff because of it? Tired of excuses? We have a highly qualified rapid response team to get your network fixed, running efficiently and as fast as possible as soon as possible!

If you need a fix to a problem that is costing your business time and money, whether you have spoken to us before or not, you need Technical Drive Rapid Response IT Support Team.


Managed IT Services

Current IT support and services arrangements not quite hitting the spot? Not responsive enough? Not taking enough responsibility for your IT? Not getting value for money?

Technical Drive pride themselves on getting the price and service relationship right so that you can achieve peace of mind and value for money. From standard agreements to fully managed IT services and everything in between, Technical Drive will ensure the service is built around you.

We ensure the highest customer satisfaction levels are always fulfilled by conducting our own client satisfaction surveys to make sure you always have your say and that we always listen. By this, we are consistently improving and increasing our own levels of service.


Proactive IT Strategy development and moving to the cloud

Many companies that come to Technical Drive do so for their professional, efficient and easy-to-understand, proactive IT strategy development. This is done by including the client every step of the way so that they can make informed decisions going forward.

For many companies, this will be the first time an IT management company has spoken to them in simple, business terms and made the strategy about security, productivity and profitability, rather than the technicalities of the IT itself.

From this we drive our clients forward through technology, whilst simultaneously making IT a ‘background subject’ to their core business activities.

We build partnerships that go forward together.

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Is your current company not performing, not being proactive, not getting value for money? Or perhaps you have an urgent problem?

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