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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud Technology solutions are at the forefront of Technical Drive’s expertise, because it can create a highly secure, efficient, and agile IT environment meaning that our clients benefit from more secure, seamless IT delivery, anywhere.

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Whether you’re already in the cloud, wanting to go to the cloud or not sure how cloud solutions can benefit your business, Technical Drive will be able to support, advise and migrate you.

We will do this whilst demonstrating the numerous benefits and advantages the cloud brings and will not impose ‘the cloud decision’ upon you unless you are totally confident it is for you.

Emergency IT Support

If you want to migrate to the cloud but your current IT support company is not facilitating this, then Technical Drive is here to help. Or if you are having trouble with your current Cloud Services provider, Technical Drive can assess all communications and infrastructure hardware, both on the Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN & WAN). We can then communicate with you, the client, and the hosted services providers to resolve any technical issues that may be preventing access or impacting productivity.

Need immediate support with your Cloud Services? 


Managed IT Services

Technical Drive pride themselves on 3 criteria; transparency, integrity, and trust. This is highly important when your IT environment is cloud based because you will need to know how everything works and how it is performing at any time. Technical Drive will monitor and manage every aspect of your cloud installation and most importantly share the information derived from our systems, on your systems with you so that you are informed every step of the way.


Strategic Cloud technology services

Because of our standards of Transparency, Integrity and Trust, you can rely on us to tell you how it is. We will assess your current IT environment and only advise migration to the cloud if it will truly benefit your company in terms of productivity and profit. 

If you are already in the cloud, then as your trusted cloud partner, we will continually advise and develop your IT strategy with you, inclusively so that your cloud environment is always cost efficient and performing to its full potential.

From this we drive our clients forward through technology, whilst simultaneously making IT a ‘background subject’ to their core business activities.

We build partnerships that go forward together.

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