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The Microsoft Ecosystem

The Microsoft Ecosystem

Is a cloud based business applications platform combining the essential productivity and communication.

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Briefly, the Microsoft ecosystem is aimed at corporate customers to a greater extent compared to individual users.

Specifically, Microsoft enterprise products and cloud services are effectively tied together and this generates strong benefits for corporations to use Microsoft products and services.

For example, OneDrive for Business leads into SharePoint, Teams integrates with Outlook and is about to swallow Skype for Business, SQL Server can integrate and pull data from Azure AD. Moreover, there are many Office 365 programs and services that integrate with each other under a single sign-on.

Similarly, the Windows ecosystem which includes the platform, games, apps, the Store, as well as the Windows 11 family of devices. The multinational technology company is expected to further invest into its ecosystem to make it stronger in the medium-term and long-term perspectives.

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