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Internet and business connectivity services

Internet and business connectivity services

Technical Drive offer end-to-end IT Managed Services for small to medium sized enterprises and that includes business connectivity support (everything that connects everything together). 

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From cabling in offices, to switches, routers and firewalls to internet lines and VPNs, we support and provide all products and services relating to data flow around LANs and WANs.

Emergency Internet and business connectivity services

Internet down? Struggling to get your PC or laptop to communicate with your server or hosted services? Difficulty or frustration working from home with slow connection speeds or no connection at all? Technical Drive can analyse the data flow around a Local Area Network, install and monitor internet lines, set up VPNs and assess critical communications hardware for efficiency and working functionality.

If your network is slow or your remote workers are scratching their heads rather than being productive, we would be more than happy to help.


Managed Internet and business connectivity support

As part of our fully managed service provision, Technical Drive can constantly manage and monitor all critical infrastructure comms devices, for example, Routers, Switches and Firewalls. To ensure they are on and working with all relevant software updates installed.

We will also monitor the internet line to ensure it is delivering on its promise of bandwidth and if not, devise a strategy to rectify this. 

With regard to office cabling, Technical Drive are happy to install a few extra network points to full office structured cabling installations if required.


Strategic Internet and business connectivity solutions

Clearly, with the rapid movement to Cloud technology services and hybrid working, communications are more important than they have ever been. Connecting staff, companies and clients effectively is often the first aspect of any IT environment to get right. This is not always possible at the flick of a switch, and often takes a considered strategy across time to achieve a fully functioning cross location network. 

Speak to our Account Management team today should you wish to discuss the communication aspect of your business. 

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