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Talking about Cloud Vs Server?

Talking about Cloud Vs Server?

We can manage your SharePoint Migration, from initial recommendations through to implementation and on-going support.

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Let us make the Cloud Vs Server decision a little easier for you.

  • Are you running an old server?

  • Is your server reaching its End-of-Life?

  • Are you having the conversation about a new server or going to the Cloud?

  • Is it time for you to go to the Cloud with SharePoint?

We’re ushering into a new era of computer efficiency. Dusty server rooms have been cluttering up office space for years with chaotic wires and everything that could possibly go wrong physically located to one place. Sure, they have the capacity to store important company data and serve a purpose for many bespoke programmes – but this isn’t about fixing an unbroken wheel, it’s about driving IT forward.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud can provide greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency than a server, making it the ideal solution for modern businesses. No more worrying about running out of storage space, plus you’ll lose the bulky equipment to go with it! But it’s not just about freeing up invaluable office space, a SharePoint migration has endless benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Reduce capital expenditure on hardware, software, and additional IT staff.

  • Scalability: Easily add or reduce resources in response to changing business needs. You’ll never need to worry about running out of storage space, and without the bulky equipment to go with it!

  • Flexibility and Mobility: Never panic over a deleted file! Access data and applications from anywhere in the world.

  • Automation: No more need for time-consuming manual updates, plus you’ll never have to worry about backing up your data again!

  • Reliability and Security: No more downtime! Experience highly reliable and robust security measures to protect data and applications from potential threats.

  • Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration among remote teams, allowing our business to better manage projects and teams.

  • Sustainability: On top of all of the fantastic features that the Cloud and SharePoint can offer, you are also helping save the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

“Moving on-premises workloads to Microsoft Cloud can improve your energy efficiency by up to 98%”

*Microsoft Cloud Carbon Study

The climate crisis is one of the most important challenges we are faced with across the globe and therefore any solution being considered must be scrutinised for it impact on the organisations carbon footprint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is the go-to web-based application developed by Microsoft. It provides a safe and user-friendly platform for users to collaborate with ease across an organisation, share documents, calendars, and tasks, and work together on projects in real time.

With the functionality to create websites and web content, SharePoint supports text, images, videos, audio, and other multimedia. The integration of other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are also supported, allowing for seamless sharing of data between systems.

With its powerful features and robust security, SharePoint is a flexible and comprehensive choice for today’s forward-thinking organisation.

What is a SharePoint Migration?

SharePoint migration is a process of transferring data, documents, user information, and other resources from one system to another – whether that be to upgrade from an older version, or to migrate from server to the cloud. It is a complex process that requires expertise to ensure the safe and timely transfer of critical information. That’s where Technical Drive come in!

How Can Technical Drive Help?

Having Technical Drive on hand will alleviate the stress and complexity of a SharePoint migration. Our knowledgeable IT team has the experience necessary to assess an organisation's SharePoint requirements and make recommendations on implementation to steer your IT in the right direction. We provide technical assistance throughout the process and can customise your SharePoint to suit your business.

We ensure data is securely transferred to the new system and will provide ongoing assistance set up new users and provide training, so that the migration process is a smooth ride! Get in touch Don't be afraid of the SharePoint migration - let Technical Drive take the wheel and you'll be sharing and collaborating in no time!

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Don't be afraid of the SharePoint migration!

Let Technical Drive take the wheel and you will be sharing and collaborating in the Cloud in no time!

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