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Who we work with

Who we work with

Are you an SME with an IT emergency? Or would you like to improve your IT?

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Are you an SME in the Midlands with 2 to 200 PCs?

We work with a range of SMEs across various sectors from charities to recruitment, legal, manufacturing, accountancy, marketing, import / export, and many others to provide IT support in Birmingham and beyond.

It almost doesn’t matter what sector you come from, but below shows typical examples of IT Support issues that we come across on a day-to-day basis as problems that our clients need solving.

If you can relate to these IT problems and need advice and further support, Get in Touch with our team of experts today.

IT isn’t working?

Is your network slow or not working, or communicating and affecting your productivity?

IT Supplier not a good fit?

Is your IT support company not a good fit because they are too big, too small, not enough expertise or too expensive?

IT Support company not proactive?

Is your kit working but your IT company isn't being proactive or forthcoming with the next steps? Perhaps you want to move into the cloud or discuss agile working?

Not enough expertise internally?

You may have somebody familiar with some aspects of IT working in your company, but IT is a very large subject, and you may need some help?

Are you an IT manager that is ‘snowed under’?

Is IT taking over your actual role or is your day-to-day support of IT prohibiting you from long term planning?

IT support talking technobabble?

Do you understand what your IT partner is talking about? If you don’t, is it because they can’t communicate it or don’t want to, either way, are you looking for an IT partner with integrity that speaks to you in plain English?

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Is your current company not performing, not being proactive, not getting value for money? Or perhaps you have an urgent problem?

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