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Are you agile working ready? Because your competition might be!

Are you agile working ready? Because your competition might be!

Agile working, which also can be referred to as hybrid working or working remotely, is about bringing remote people and processes together efficiently using connectivity and technology for the most productive and effective way of working!

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According to The Guardian, 84% of workers want hybrid working so in order to keep staff happy this is something a lot of companies are implementing. There are lots of benefits to allowing employees to work from home at least some of the time, and indeed it is something we are offering here at Technical Drive too.


Offering employees the option for agile working and hybrid working gives many companies the edge over their competition as it:

  • Provides continuity of productivity - staff can work efficiently wherever they are, making it much easier to keep the business running should you have any need for disaster recovery.
  • Allows for flexible working - meaning that employees can work in the way that suits them best for each particular task, bringing about better productivity.
  • Reduced overheads - if not all staff are in the office at once then you can look into downsizing options, implementing hot-desking to ensure space for employees when they are office based.
  • Allows you to widen the net when recruiting and attract more employees - you no longer need to employ people local to you if you are implementing agile working practices, as they can simply work from home the majority of the time.
  • Makes it more likely you will retain good employees too - as well as the benefit of widening the net when recruiting new employees, having a happier workforce means you are less likely to lose your top talent too.

If you are implementing hybrid working, there are a few things to consider around implementing IT for working from home employees to ensure they have everything they need when not office based. 

IT equipment for working from home

If you are offering employees hybrid working then you will need additional IT equipment for working from home to enable this. Whether that be hardware, laptops, conference meeting equipment or anything IT-related, at Technical Drive we can help. We are experts in the implementation of network devices, including the installation, configuration and repair of all devices required to make your network run smoothly and efficiently. We deal with all major manufacturers, for example, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft, so whatever your preferred brand we can help.

We can also work with you to implement a fully integrated Teams telephony and unified communications system, so that your team are contactable seamlessly between home and the office. 

IT security when working from home

IT security when working from home is one of the biggest factors to consider. At Technical Drive we recommend the adoption of the Microsoft Ecosystem because of its seamless integration, cost efficiency and heightened security and reliable back up. 

Both SharePoint and Office 365 offer full agile working, and at Technical Drive we have plenty of experience implementing these systems if you don’t work with them already, or supporting them if you do.

IT issues working from home

However well prepared you are, IT issues when working from home are almost inevitable, so you need an IT support company you can trust to fix things quickly and efficiently.

Our Rapid Response Team are ready to help >

Whatever your IT support requirements, you are in the right place. At Technical Drive we have the expertise to support you to implement hybrid working, after all we are doing it ourselves!

We can offer remote IT support too, so whether you have issues when hybrid working at home or in the office, we can log into your IT remotely to investigate your your problem.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, please get in touch >

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