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Reduce your Cyber Risk to a Minimum!

Reduce your Cyber Risk to a Minimum!

Technical Drive’s Managed Cyber Security Service will give you a simple, step by step breakdown of the flaws of your IT systems and will help keep you safe from the deepening threat of cybercrime

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What is Cyber Risk?

Cyber Risk is all about the chance that you could be hacked by Cyber Criminals.

If a Cyber Criminal gets into your company's network and corrupts your internal systems, you could be hacked for hundreds of thousands of pounds! Not a situation anyone wants.

Did you know Cyber Criminals are even using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that is really scary! What this means is that you need an IT Support company to protect your business, your team, your data and your finances.

There are lots of online threats that will mess with your systems. But don't worry, we're on it with our Cyber Security Monitoring, keeping an eye out to make sure our cyber world stays safe and your risk is reduced to a minimum!

What is Cyber Security Monitoring?

Through monitoring your device, we can oversee the performance and security health of your systems and protect them from being hacked. Cyber Criminals are always trying to hack PCs with weak passwords or no authentication (they can run a billion password combinations per second!!). Fortunately, our team is also proactively scanning for such weaknesses for our Cyber Security Customers.

Our Cyber Security professionals adopt the perspective of a hacker, vigilantly searching for signs of unusual behaviour, including unauthorised access efforts and suspicious malware. This proactive approach allows us to address weaknesses and vulnerabilities before malicious cyber criminals can exploit them.

Our Cyber Security Audit

Are you aware that as part of your annual IT support with Technical Drive, we include a Security Overview  for your company? This overview allows your dedicated Account Manager to evaluate your systems and offer you a score that explains the existing security effectiveness of your business.

A full Technical Audit is also available for a detailed examination of your company’s IT infrastructure, procedures, and protocols. With this we’re equipped to uncover potential threats and weak spots, including those that haven’t yet led to any problems.

TAKE 5 seconds for Cyber Security

Don’t forget to follow our 5 simple steps to start protecting yourself online:

  1. Stop, think, is it expected?

  2. Don’t open attachments in emails

  3. Keep a secure password

  4. Keep software and operating system updated

  5. Use anti-virus software and keep it updated

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