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Have-it-your-way Hybrid Working Solutions!

Have-it-your-way Hybrid Working Solutions!

Technical Drive is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work – which means we are fully committed to making life a little easier for working remotely, securely and efficiently!

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When it comes to the juggle of life and work, keep productivity balanced with our have-it-your-way hybrid working solutions.

We all know how difficult it is to manage the day-to-day routine when everything else is out-of-sync. It is not always possible to coordinate the world around us, but we can certainly learn from the curveball of 2020 and help your business to thrive in whatever the next normal may be.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Modern Work, Technical Drive has been recognised for its broad capability to help customers boost their productivity through a seamless shift to hybrid work by using Microsoft 365.

We are proud to be helping small businesses experience a smarter, more secure, integrated, and accessible way of working, achieving maximum productivity to optimise business results.

Go beyond the office

The rigid 9 to 5 model is a difficult one to protect. The smartest and securest office out there is a virtual office! Today is about having the best-of-both-worlds, the opportunity to go beyond the office, with the flexibility to perform ‘business as usual’ from wherever you are.

Building robust workforces, in and out of the office, around-the-clock!

Technical Drive has already helped many small businesses to embrace the modern business model but appreciate the part-time office, part-time home set up is still daunting for some. Through our extensive knowledge, support, and honesty, we are proud to have seen even the most cautious of longstanding business owners adopt a ‘never-look-back' attitude!

When it comes to balancing work and life, school holidays, unforeseen office closures, or whatever else may cause absenteeism or restricted productivity, prepare to protect your business and employees by working it Microsoft 365-style!

Microsoft 365 enables you to take control of working hours and office location, with secure access and management of all applications.

With our innovative Cloud Solutions, you can stay connected to colleagues, keep on top of your emails, and never worry about having to retrieve that deleted document again!

It’s like having your own personal assistant in your pocket 24/7!

Switching to a virtual office opens opportunities, expands your workforce, and eliminates work and family conflict, without breaking the bank! A major benefit of hybrid working includes doing away with the daily commute – a substantial saving of time and fuel for many, as well as average recordings of a 7% increase to in-office productivity. But saving time and money are not the only benefits of hybrid work.

81% of workers report being less stressed when they have the option to work remotely, and 79% report improved mental health.

When it comes to the work-life balance, we appreciate how valuable your time is – so why not let Microsoft 365 save some of it!

Is your organisation still office-based? Keen to make ‘hybrid work’ work?

Technical Drive is a recognised Microsoft Solutions Partner who will successfully guide your business to a fully flexible and secure cloud-based set up.

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