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Becoming your Internal IT Helpdesk Support

Becoming your Internal IT Helpdesk Support

We recently supported a Birmingham-based charity by taking over their IT helpdesk, so all internal IT issues and tickets were sent to our Rapid Response Team

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The Challenge

Do you have an IT Manager or a team of internal IT Helpdesk professionals who are overwhelmed? Is your in-house IT team spending all day on day-to-day issues without having the opportunity to be proactive?

A Birmingham-based charity has recently had this exact problem, facing difficulties in finding enough time to complete tasks, with their internal IT manager and support team spending all of their time dealing with email issues, slow PCs, printer problems, and so on.

The Solution

We've recently assisted this Birmingham-based charity with their internal IT support. When taking on this case, we had two options: either to support with their proactive IT outside of their day to day issues or take over their IT helpdesk. We went with the latter meaning that all of their internal IT issues and tickets were directed to our Rapid Response Team instead.

This has resulted in a significant improvement in ticket response time, since we have a larger, more experienced team to handle their staff's IT issues. Also, their internal IT Manager and team now have the time and head space to review their IT infrastructure to be more proactive for the future of their IT.

Since making the transition their IT Manager has already been able to commence their new project of migrating to the cloud, updating their IT security, and decommissioning servers.

The client commended the support they received from us saying:

"the issue was dealt with in a professional and quick manner and most importantly sorted. Very grateful to the person that dealt with my case".

They now have a happier IT team with more drive, a more efficient workforce, and a brighter IT future.

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