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Disaster recovery solutions and IT backup support

Disaster recovery solutions and IT backup support

Far too often, this is an area business that is overlooked because companies don’t like to contemplate worst case disaster type scenarios. 

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It is also neglected because it is difficult to devise a plan for all eventualities.

Is it a total disaster or just a part disaster? But these things shouldn’t stand in the way of having this area tackled. Indeed, a good IT disaster recovery plan can be an asset to your business and put you as a company not only in a secure position if such an event were to happen, but also, put your business ahead of your competition in a bidding for business scenario. 

Ask yourself this question…next time I want consistent service from a supplier, am I going to buy it from a company that can recover from a disaster, or one that can’t?

If a disaster happens, and your company takes a week or two to recover, it may well survive in the short term, but will count the cost down the line when its clients review their contracts and past performance. Indeed, 90% of companies that suffer a disaster go bust 8 or 9 months after the disaster.

With our own disaster recovery solutions and IT backup support, Technical Drive can provide comprehensive data backup solutions for businesses.

Emergency Disaster Recovery solutions

We have a ready and immediately available fully functioning disaster recovery suite, a professional environment, with a super-fast internet line, PCs, desks, chairs, kitchen facilities and a team of engineers on standby. 

If you find you are in a situation where your office is not functioning for any reason, for example, power cut, flood, fire or other unexpected eventuality, then we can probably accommodate you right away to help save your business.


Managed Disaster Recovery

Part of the disaster recovery service that Technical Drive offers is continually assessing and reassessing what potential disasters may happen at any time. This happens with current offices that have changes within the IT environment or should you move to new premises that need new risk assessments.

Revision of Disaster recovery plans will be visited on a regular basis the frequency of which will be in agreement with the client with your dedicated account manager.


Strategic Disaster Recovery

Technical Drive can provide you with a bespoke Business Continuity Plan for you to add to your company’s procedural documentation that will ensure the quickest, organised Disaster Recovery for your company.

This plan will detail a step-by-step guide for your company to follow in the event of disaster and can be managed by the company with assistance from Technical Drive if required.

It is obviously essential for any business to have an IT backup solutions plan in the event of a loss of data. Technical Drive will design a backup solution for your business which comprises as a minimum a local, easily accessible backup and one that is stored in the cloud. 

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