Relax, let us handle the technology...

Technical Drive are experts at making sure your IT systems run smoothly, all the time.

Our staff are best-in-class, expertly trained and have years of experience and between them, they make up a team of people who are there, whenever you need them.

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If you're not backing up all of your critical data, then you are exposed to loss of information.

We can ensure all of your data is securely backed-up, stored off site and, importantly, regularly test to ensure it's accessible.

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telephone and remote support

When something goes wrong, you need to get it fixed quickly, and that's where our telephone support comes in.

Whatever the problem, simply call us and we'll get to work straight away.


disaster recovery

When everything goes wrong, you need a strong partner to ensure you keep going. 

Your company is our number one concern, and we have the skills, resources and capability to ensure you can continue to operate, regardless of the disaster.

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