For too long, reliable and professional IT support services have been out of reach for small businesses. 

Now, it's available to everyone.

Have you ever envied the support large enterprises get with their IT? If someone gets a problem, they have access to a help desk, a second line technician, and if necessary, someone will be at their desk to help them with their queries. 

Unfortunately, this level of assistance is unavailable for SMEs. Hiring staff to be available when you need them, is an unnecessary expense. When everything is running smoothly, why pay people to just wait for things to go wrong?

Of course, you could do what many others do and call a friend "who knows about computers". That could leave you in a worse state than before.

Well Technical Drive has the answer.

Our support team is based in Bromsgrove, and we only support Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

If you need help, give us a call. If you need a technician on site, we'll be there within 40 minutes. And if you need cover 24x7x365, we're there for you.

No huge outlay, no need to pay staff when they're not needed, just solid, experienced and friendly staff, ready to take your IT support worries away.

how our services work

At the start of the contract


All servers are checked with our Best Practices Analyser (BPA) to check setup is correct. This usually results in an immediate uplift in performance and stability.

Every day of the contract

  • Disk space
  • Performance - processors usage and RAM
  • Anti-Virus
  • Back-ups - are you backups successful?
  • Intrusion monitoring - are hackers attempting to access your network?
  • Critical log & events log checks - monitors for general issues

At agreed intervals

Scheduled on-site visits from our engineers will be arranged to:

  • Check server configuration
  • Check error logs
  • Check disk fragmentation
  • Check external devices (for example UPS)
  • Check Internet speed
  • Resolve potential network bottlenecks

And throughout the contract, you benefit from...


24x7x365 access to our friendly and knowledgeable helpdesk staff who can solve your problems via phone, email or remote desktop connection.

Here's what some of our existing customers have to say...

"Really impressed with your service - thanks so much - it keeps us sane!"

Client: Jackie. N, Contemporary Music Group

Issue: Laptop & Spam issues


"Just a quick note. I could go on and on and on, extolling the virtues of Matt when he exhanged our server recently, but in short, he was an absolute diamond. Nothing was too much trouble for him, and I think he went over and above perhaps what I would normally expect... Even balancing desks on his head!

Once again, tell him thank you!"

Client: Jane. S, Warwickshire Building and Maintenance


"A very big thank you to you for your prompt attention to this, and indeed the follow up"

Client: Jennifer. F, Specialist Childcare Agency

Issue: Emails appearing in junk folder


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