How Much Is Your IT Really Costing You?


The dreaded downtime!

Every company’s worst nightmare, but what is the real cost of your IT not only going down completely, but slowing you down on a daily basis?

On average, each employee can lose 15 minutes per day just waiting for their PC to load. Over a week that costs the company 75 minutes; over a year 3,900 minutes. That’s 65 hours, nearly 2 weeks per employee per year at £25,000 average salary that's £1000 per employee so it is well worth investing in your IT.

The impact is not only on the productivity of your staff, but the frustration it can cause leaving employees feeling unmotivated and undervalued.

There are a number of reasons this could be happening; not enough memory in your PC, poor configuration of the network, insufficient internet connection, back up running and slowing the system down to name a few.

The good news is that there is a solution!!

Technical Drive offer an audit of your installation. This audit provides an overview of your network, highlighting the areas of concern and where there may be immediate improvements to be made. From this information, we can then put together a strategy and buying policy for new equipment moving forward so you know what, why and when you are buying which also assists with budgeting for your IT.


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