IT Productivity Hints & Tips

We all want to be able to complete our tasks at work faster and more efficiently. Whether we use this newfound time for good or evil is beside the point.

So, whether you wish to squeeze more time into your working day, or just give you more time to chat up your co-workers; Technical Drive is here to help with some tips and tricks to make your computers work better for you.

Keyboard Short Cuts

It might sound stupid but being able to use a few key presses to perform a frequently used task can save a huge amount of time.

Below you will find a couple of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts.

Try out a few and see how much easier your work life will become:

Alt + Tab: Switch between open windows

Windows Key + D: Minimise all windows (Press again to maximise all windows)

Ctrl + A: Select All

Ctrl + (Mouse scroll wheel): Zoom in/out

Windows Key: Open Start Menu

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + X: Cut

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Ctrl + Y: Redo




Most of us still jot down notes on a pad by our desks. I used to do just that until a few months ago. One of my colleges introduced me to OneNote. This is a powerful little program that should be included in your Microsoft Office Package.

In short, it works like the sticky notes you plaster all over your desk. Apart from the obvious benefit of not been lost by cleaners or having coffee split on them, it has a wide array of useful features.

Auto save is the most useful. You don’t want a note taking program to lose your notes, especially as most of the time it’s a few words or sentences then back to something else.

It syncs with the cloud automatically, meaning you can carry your notes across devices, be it your phone, or just your home PC (Just make sure you are logged into your O365 account to activate this).

For Office aficionados it has excellent Outlook and Excel integration. This means  you can add formulas and sync with outlook tasks to your heart's content.

This is just the beginning of what OneNote can do why not take a look for yourself, its probably on your PC already, or even download the app.

Dual Screens


For everyone still working with just one screen, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Back in University, having one screen with my essay on and another with sources to quote from: saved my sanity.

The productivity increase of a second screen is incredible.

Whether its data entry, accounts, reports: almost every task benefits from having another program open on another screen.

Email Templates


Do you ever feel like you write the same email multiple times a day? If so, save a template to your desktop. Outlook makes this task super simple.

Just go to the ribbon and save the message you have just written like you would for a word document.

Personally, I have about 10 templates ready to go for different situations.

I just change the names, add something personal if I’m feeling fancy and click send.

If you looking for a more powerful, or customisable, tool take a look at quick steps in Outlook. This works in a similar way to the method above but takes a little more time to set up, though can be used for so much more than just templates.

Pro Active IT Support

Do you have recurring issues with your IT infrastructure? Or devices failing out of nowhere?

Perhaps IT Support provider isn’t getting ahead of issues in the way your company needs.

Every second of downtime for your network, and your business, is money drifting away. Be that in workers’ wages, when they can’t do their job, or missed deadlines.

Have a chat with your IT Support; a lot of these issues can be prevented with proper planning.

Does your IT Support monitor the server to see if its going to fail? Does your IT Support map your network infrastructure and make recommendations to avoid failure or slow down?

You cannot put a price on having the right tools for the job, especially if it always works when you need it.