Why Should I have a Support Contract instead of Ad Hoc Support?

Moving away from an Ad hoc approach to IT Support is a scary change. Many people we speak to don't like the idea of a recurring cost and don't see a tangible benefit to a support contract.

This thinking could be costing your business more than you think. Today we discuss the benefits of taking the plunge and getting a support contract, for your IT.


Speed & Consistency of Service

When support companies are paid by the hour, there is a lack of incentive to complete the job as quickly as possible.

Contracted support companies can not only fear the loss of your custom if they anger you, but if they spend too much time fixing your server, they are not fixing another of their clients, and that's a problem for them..

Proactive Support

Contracted support companies are incentivised to minimise the amount of reactive work they do for you. It costs them money paying for staff and equipment to fix issues.

However if the set up and monitor your network correctly they can predict and resolve issues before the problems bring down your network.

When your IT support is on an Ad hoc approach, the support providor may be incentivised to ignore these steps so they can be called upon to return and fix you network, creating a nice payday for themselves.

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Financial Control

On the face of it, paying for IT support when, and if you need it, seems cheaper. So does only fixing your car when it breaks down.

We all know a friend whose car broke down on a long journey, in the rain, only to be told by the mechanic it could have been prevented by service.

Knowing when and how much you will be paying for your IT is a powerful tool.

Due to the proactive element, of your support provider, you can avoid big surprise invoices.

If you know ahead of time, that your server is at risk of failing. Not only can save up for when it fails, you can choose to remove that risk by replacing ahead of time. This also removes loss of productivity brought about through downtime.


Knowledge is power.

If your IT Support provider is incentivised to keep you network running, rather than fixing it when it breaks: both parties can flourish.