What to do before calling IT support

Having problems with your computer or server is a stressful time. A client focused IT support provider can help find an efficient resolution, and let you and your staff get back to work.

Before you call

There are one or two things that you can do before getting in touch with your support provider that will make the experience less time consuming.


The vast majority of these hints and tips can done whilst in communication with your support provider, but collecting this information on the phone can be much more difficult than taking an extra 30 secs before picking up the phone.

Is it just you or whole company?

This one is simple. If you think of a computer network as your body and your IT support technician’s as a doctor: If you go complaining of generic pain it takes much longer to diagnose the issue. However, if you say my knee hurts, your doctor can immediately discard a huge number of incorrect diagnosis.

So have a quick chat with your colleagues and see if anyone else is having the same issue.

Is this a repeat call?

Leading on from if the issue just affects you, if this is an issue someone else is having, they may have already raised the issue with your provider.

Is it recurring?

This is another question which helps diagnose your fault as quickly as possible. If this has happened before, not only does it narrow down what could be the issue, but your support provider will keep notes on these previous occurrences. This helps find the best solution.

The best support providers will take note of recurring issues and help you put a long term solution in place.

Logins and Passwords

Most issues, these days, are resolved remotely. In order to do this your support provider will, most likely, use a remote login in application. Having your chosen providers application downloaded and the login and password ready, will make the remote login a much smoother experience.

Having any other relevant logins and passwords, for affected applications, will also save time.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

It may sound stupid, but this can often save the need to call your support provider at all. Whether it’s just closing the application and opening it again or a full restart of your computer- it can work wonders.