You may wonder why password strength is such an important subject? In 2016 Verizon discovered that:

"63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, stolen or default passwords"

So if you value your company, and your customers, take 5 mins and follow these simple steps to a strong password procedure.


Old password etiquette states that you should make your password hard to guess; by replacing letters with numbers and not using common words.

E.G. P@$$w0rd1

New research suggests that four words, memorable to yourself, is significantly harder to crack.

E.G. hotbubblegumfacepain

This works because the simplest way for a computer to crack a password is by attempting all the possible variations, until it finds the correct one.

This new method significantly increases the number of attempts a computer will have to make to guess the password.


Have a different password for everything.


If you don't, a breach of your personal email, could lead to a breach in your business server, and that's how lawsuits occur. Yes, I know it's a pain- but by using the method above you can easily create memorable passwords.


Use a password manager: this creates incredibly strong passwords for you. This works for all the websites or applications you use and keeps them in an encrypted format. Then where you would usually type in your password, you can click a button and the password manager can input the secure password for you. No memorisation needed.

You access your passwords through a master password you create yourself.


How long does it take a computer to crack a password?



Less than 1 Sec



6 Years, 5 Months



225,684,805,745 Years





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